Toddler released from antique wooden barrel | Front page of the state of Tennessee

PORTLAND, Tennessee (AP) – Rescuers and medics used a power saw and screwdrivers to extract a child from an antique wooden barrel he got stuck in during a visit with his grandparents.

Kelly Strubing and her husband took their 2-year-old son Dorian to the emergency room after he got stranded on Saturday, WKRN-TV reported. Sumner County Emergency Medical Services and the Portland Fire Department worked with hospital staff to free the boy.

X-rays determined where his hips, knees and feet were, Strubing told the station. His arms, shoulders, and head protruded from the top of the barrel, allowing him to hold onto a teddy bear.

Workers used a power saw to cut wood from the bottom of the barrel, and screwdrivers were used to chop the top opening to make a hole large enough for his feet to fit, Strubing said.

First responders shot the toddler from the top of the barrel after his legs were straightened.

“It was definitely nerve-racking, but now that he’s safe we ​​all have a good laugh about it,” Strubing told WKRN.

The workers who helped free Dorian signed the wooden barrel as a memento of his first trip to the emergency room. The toddler, who suffered no injuries while trapped, celebrated his rescue with a popsicle.

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