TikTok’s ‘robust’ content and DIY aesthetic give brands wide reach on a shoestring budget

“One of the things I like to bust myths is that what TikTok is on a lot of people’s minds is a dance app for my 14 year old daughter, when in reality it’s a lot, much more robust. It’s like saying Amazon is a book website. It’s expanded so much further and so quickly,”Garland Hill, head of growth activities at TikTok, told attendees of BevNet Live! in New York last month.

He explained that while there are plenty of TikTok videos of dancing, pets, or users changing their appearance with filters, it also has DIY explainer videos that cover everything from personal tax information to minor appliance repairs to personal care. It also has a wide range of usage occasions across time, geographies, and other demographics. Plus, influencers (and those who are influenced) love it.

But what keeps users (and marketing messages) from getting lost in the clutter is its ability to quickly tailor content to consumers in just seconds of engagement.

“It adapts quite quickly and the content is robust enough to find elsewhere,”said Hill, who called it as emotional as it was educational.

Make viral content on a low budget

Although TikTok’s reach is far, it doesn’t require as high a level of production quality or as large a financial investment as other social media platforms – as long as the posts are clear, authentic, timely and trending.

This makes it attractive and powerful for startups with limited budgets, like natural plant-based recovery drink The Plug Drink, which launched two years ago and has seen steady 20-30% growth from a month to month, mostly online and thanks in large part to TIC Tac.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Ray Kim, told BevNet Live! participants that The Plug Drink has racked up tens of thousands of likes for multiple posts on TikTok, helping to drive brand awareness and sales without breaking the bank by leveraging four strategies.

The first strategy is to hire and empower a fleet of social media interns who, in exchange for training and experience, can help a brand stay on top of the multiple rapid social media demands and trends that are fueling engagement. .

“We have 30 social media interns, and this is our sixth class of interns, and we love them very much,”Because they not only extend our human capital so the business can divide and conquer reach, content creation and reach partners, affiliates and brand ambassadors, but they are the target demographic and they know so what will resonate with potential consumers, Kim said.

“Viral comments don’t have to be about your product or your brand. They can just be funny comments in different random posts’

The second strategy is to think beyond your own videos and content and engage in reviews from other products, influencers, or users that align with the brand value and target demographic.

“Viral comments don’t have to be about your product or brand,” he said. “They can just be funny comments in different random posts on TikTok or a page that has a lot of traffic. And if you’re an early commenter, you have first-mover advantage. ​[and will be seen by more viewers] to drive more traffic to our website or build brand awareness, and ultimately online speed as well

He further explained that organic traffic generated from viral comments leaves the user’s handle at the top of the comments section, allowing potential consumers to be exposed to content created by the company when they visit the nick.

Finally, he added, commenting on someone else’s post is cost-effective organic exposure and a cost-effective way for startups to gain increased exposure without big marketing spend.

Another strategy used by The Plug Drink is to give away products to influencers with high followings and views on TikTok to increase brand awareness.

Kim explained that testimonials from influencers trying out the company’s product give their fans a better understanding and education about the product and its benefits.

Finally, Kim said, when her company invests in creating content for TikTok, it publishes it on other platforms to maximize impact and reach, as well as build trust and transparency.

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