These futuristic personal mobility rides merge a sleek design aesthetic with practical solutions!

Technology has made personal commuters an extension of our bodies – giving more reasons to have a unified experience with modern vehicles. Nebula by Oneobject is inspired by this very notion to offer the user the freedom, speed and agility to ride unconditionally – literally. The Hong Kong-based design studio aims to revolutionize the urban transport scene, becoming too crowded for today’s roads. Having over a decade of experience in transportation, intelligent IoT and electronics – Oneobject has created Alpha and Beta rides – the electric one motorbike for medium or long distances. The other is an electric kickboard scooter for last mile trips or short trips.

Durability is at the forefront of the design as Oneobject used hard and soft materials like polypropylene for the outer shell of both vehicles. This provides hard shell protection to all internal machines. The 3D knit fabric for interiors is waterproof and dirt resistant – while also being durable and having an attractive surface matching the general modern appeal of rides. Both rides offer keyless access via fingerprint authentication – ideally in keeping with modern convenience and functionality. Both are in the design phase and should come true soon.

Designate: Oneobject

Alpha Nebula

The electric motorcycle is equipped with a HUD broadcasting all the indications in real time and the road environment for an enriched driving experience. Alpha has radar sensors on the front and rear to take safety to another level. Energy-efficient front and rear headlights encapsulated in recycled PP only appear when needed.

Beta nebula

Beta kickboard e-scooter is more of a thin, light and compact design language with its fair share of technology. It can be easily folded for safe transport or storage – ideal for your home, car or office. The portable ride comes with a HUD displaying all vital details in real time to give the rider a safe and convenient way to get around.


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