The Recorder – Annual Vintage Truck Show returning to South Deerfield on Sunday

Published: 05/17/2022 16:36:58

Modified: 05/17/2022 16:35:12

SOUTH DEERFIELD – The Western Massachusetts chapter of the Antique Truck Club of America will host its 17th annual antique truck show on Sunday, May 22.

As is tradition, the Yankee Candle Headquarters on Yankee Candle Way will serve as the site of the show, with the public invited to view all manner of vintage trucks from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Local union member Doug Richardson said the average event brings about 125 trucks if the weather holds.

For this event, Richardson said he doesn’t know how many trucks will show up because, although the forecast calls for sunshine, the pandemic and high gas prices could discourage people from going out.

“It mostly depends on Mother Nature,” Richardson said. “You never know with the weather and the high price of fuel, you don’t know if that will put some people off coming.”

The show usually takes place the first weekend in May – last year’s was in August as organizers waited for the pandemic to recede – and Richardson said moving to the end of May will hopefully ensure , a better time.

“We anticipate the normal event,” he said.

Parking and admission to the event is free and trucks will be parked outside the Yankee Candle distribution area. There will be food vendors and various raffles.

Richardson noted that the Western Massachusetts Chapter Truck Show is one of the first held annually in the Northeast.

He said people can expect a wide variety of trucks ranging from the 1930s to the 1980s. He noted that a truck is considered “vintage” if it’s over 25 years old.

“You could pick up some real old ’30s tunes,” Richardson said. “A lot of things are maybe from the 50s, 60s, 70s.”

Richardson himself plans to bring his 1986 Ford tractor if he can get the parts to put it together in time for the show.

“Right now, it’s different. I hope to get the parts on Thursday,” he said. If he can prep the trailer, he also wants to bring his 1972 Brockway.

Richardson encourages people to get out and see some of the history they don’t normally see, at the cost of free, to boot.

“Everything is free,” he said. “We don’t charge anything.”

Chris Larabee can be reached at [email protected] or 413-930-4081.

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