Netflix Shares Heartwarming Trailer For Live-Action-Animation Hybrid, LOST OLLIE

Netflix is ​​sharing a trailer for the upcoming live-action animated hybrid film, Lost Ollie, based on William Joyce’s Ollie’s Odyssey.

A new hybrid limited series is making its way to Netflix. Title ollie lostthis show takes elements of Pixar toy story and reverse them a bit. Ollie is a wayward toy who must find his way back to Billy, the child who lost him.

The heartfelt story sees our hero roaming the countryside and braving many dangers in order to achieve his goal, but no matter what, he always pushes forward. Ollie is not alone, however, he is accompanied by a host of toy companions who wish to see him reunited with the child he belongs to.

The limited series is based on Ollie’s Odysseya work by award-winning filmmaker, author and illustrator William Joyce. carolinaShannon Tindle takes the place of creator and assumes the role of both executive producer and screenwriter. Peter Ramsey of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse fame will take on the directing task as well as act as executive producer.

Shawn Levy and Josh Barry are there to produce 21 Laps Entertainment while Emily Morris is there to act as co-executive producer. Brandon Oldenburg and Lampton Enochs are also there to executive produce.

As for the cast, the show has a decent selection with Jonathan Groff taking on the lead role of Ollie. Other actors in the tale include Tim Blake Nelson, Jake Johnson, Gina Rodriguez, Kesler Talbot, and Mary J. Blige.

ollie lost hits Netflix on August 24.

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