Google celebrates Azadi’s 75th birthday with an animated kite-inspired doodle

Depicting India’s popular recreational sport, the kite, in a multicolored artwork with an embedded metaphor, tech giant Google marked the country’s 75th anniversary of independence on Monday with a vibrant doodle.

The delectable doodle with elements of the tricolor in the kites shown follows the recent launch of the “India ki Udaan” project run by Google Arts and Culture which celebrates the country’s achievements and is “themed with the unwavering spirit and eternity of India over the past 75 years”.

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The illustration by Kerala-based artist Neethi depicts a woman making kites and young people practicing the traditional sport in a colorful setting, with the sun and high-rise buildings in the backdrop.

Google added a GIF animation to it, infusing a layer of vibrancy and bringing the doodle to life as the tricolor themed kites can be seen moving through the air.

Additionally, in the artwork, a young girl holds a kite with a heart sign on it, while a man watches the flight of a kite with the number “75” attached to a spool in his hand.

“On this day in 1947, India officially became a democratic country – ending nearly two hundred years of British rule. The long struggle for freedom resulted in the birth of the greatest democracy in the world. Fighters freedom heroes like Mahatma Gandhi led the country’s independence movement through civil disobedience and nonviolent protests,” Google said on its official page.

The artist said the work depicts “the culture around kites – from the art of creating beautiful, bright kites to the joyful experience of a community coming together”.

“I drew kites representing our national colors, a message of love and commemorating 75 years of Indian independence. They fly as high as skyscrapers, birds and I would like to believe , the sun,” she said of the doodle. on the official page of the Internet search engine.

The vast expanse of sky brilliantly speckled with soaring kites is a colorful symbol of the great heights the country has reached, Neethi said.

The biggest annual celebration takes place at Delhi’s Red Fort, where the prime minister hoists the saffron, white and green national flag in sync with a 21-gun salute, Google said in a statement, adding: “People celebrate also by flying kites – a long-standing symbol of independence.”

“Indian revolutionaries once flew kites with slogans in protest against British rule. Since then, recreational and competitive kiting has become one of the most popular Independence Day traditions. Indians also commemorate this day by spending time with loved ones and organizing cultural programs in neighborhoods and schools,” it said.

Earlier this month, a senior Google official, at the launch of the “India ki Udaan” project, organized as part of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, said that a “very special doodle will be unveiled this year on August 15th”.

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