Gail “Elaine” Allman

Gail “Elaine” Allman

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Gail”Elaine”Allman 75yrs old from Seymour died peacefully on 5th of September 2021 in Seymour’sLutheran community home in the Seymour after a battle of two years against cancer. Gail is the oldest of four children born to Lena Mae Blizard and Gayten Thomas on 18th of May 1946 in JeffersonCounty, IN. She graduated from SeymourHighSchool on the 14th of May, 1964. In the 21st day of November, her birthday, in 1965, she got married to ClydeH. Allman at CentralChristianChurch in the Seymour. Elaine was employed by Cummins as assistant at this time. It was located in Columbus, IN. Then she decided to put her passion and love for antiques the into a career. Elaine started to research and collect antiques, as well as sell them at the age of her middle 20’s. Elaine has grown into an extremely sought-after the antique dealer thanks to her experience and knowledge in addition to her extensive assortments. Elaine is a specialist in antiques from antiquated America. In her time she was a huge fan of gardening, antique sewing as well as sports. Being an aunt and a grandmother was her greatest joy and joy. She’s also very involved in the charge of her children throughout their lives and was always available in providing the most delicious “after snack foods”. Elaine was a big fan of all the extracurricular activities that her son and her grandson were involved in.She was the loudest cheerleader on the games. She was a proud mother and Nana who enjoyed every moment she was with her 3daughters.

The couple is survived by son Scott Allman and her 4 grandchildren Kendall, Sydney, Griffin and Karsen. In addition her survivors include her brother-in-law, Bill Cord, her sister Jill Cord, her sister-in-law Wanda Allman as and nieces and nephews from her Rob and Ron Allman, Adam Cord, as well as her nieces Julia Allman and Janet Belding.

She was preceded in death by her 55yrs. old husband, Clyde Allman, as her parents mother and father, as well as her brothers-in-law John and Raymond Allman, and her sister-in-law HelenHahn.

The funeral will be held on the 10th September 2021, from 12 noon to 2p.m. at the Sons and Voss Funeral Home.Funeral services will be held following, with PastorRick Prather as celebrant.Funeral services will take place at WeddlevilleCemetery which is located in Medora, IN.

This family members’ would like memorial checks drawn on behalf of OldCarr HighschoolWeddlevilleCemetery, the Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) or Medora Masonic Lodge.

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