Former students create coffee-infused candy with a twist

Butong-butong Kape, Kape Bandi and Ibos Kape Yema are among the products created by the students using Antique coffee.

ANTIQUE, Philippines – What does Butong-butong Kape (melted muscovado twist with coffee) and Kape Bandi (caramelized sugar peanuts with coffee) taste like?

These are just some of the creations of 134 graduate hospitality management students from Advance Central College who showcased 27 heritage dishes — the result of their research — at a culminating event in April. The event took place at scenic Mary’s Cove in Barangay Bayo Pequeño in the town of Anini-y.

The students were on hand to explain their creations to guests and media who attended the event.

Pinasugbo Kape (coffee crunchy banana). Photo by Hazel P.Villa

Besides Kape Bandi, other coffee-based confections also received good reviews, such as Ibos Kape Yema (coffee sticky rice and sweetened cream), Bukayo Kape (coffee-sweetened coconut strips) and Pinasugbo Kape ( banana brittle with coffee).

A coffee producing province

Butong-butong Kape (melted twisted muscovado with coffee). Photo courtesy of Culinary Heritage of Antique

Students Ella Grace Cabaya, Christian Acostoy, Ma. Virginia Mondejar, Shella Mae Cazeñas and Rona Mae Sepulan said they created Butong-butong Kape to introduce the world to Antique coffee. The town of Sibalom, in particular, produces good quality coffee.

“Sibalom has gained some recognition for his coffee and we would like to let the world know by creating sweets from his coffee,” said one of the students.

Sibalom’s robusta coffee was awarded the “fine” quality classification in the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) 2021. Jairus Serui, the coffee coordinator of the regional field unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, explained that the “fine quality” classification means that the coffee beans are of really good quality and have no defects because they are organic and sorted tediously.

WISHES. Mary Rose Rodriguez, president of Advance Central College, congratulates students graduating from the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. Photo by Hazel P.Villa

ACC President Mary Rose Rodriguez was particularly pleased with the students’ coffee-based confections, as they are in tune with the growing coffee culture in the Philippines and the growing global coffee consumption.

“If you notice, most of the products have been incorporated into coffee because according to research, Filipinos will be the biggest consumers of coffee in Southeast Asia by 2025. Sales of coffee products are increasing and stimulate coffee production in antiquity. , we incorporated coffee into our dishes,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez added that making coffee confectionery is ACC’s contribution to Antique’s tourism promotion efforts, as food-related experiences have become part of tourism.

Unique Dishes Antiqueño

ACC President Rani Rodriguez praised their students for developing food products that are uniquely Antiqueño.

As Antique is also known for its Bandi (Peanuts in Caramelized Sugar), the students naturally came up with fusion confections such as Tsokolate Bandi, Jackfruit Bandi and Talisay Bandi.

Kape Bandi (Peanuts in Caramelized Sugar with Coffee). Photo courtesy of Culinary Heritage of Antique

Of the 27 dishes presented during the activity, five were based on root crops such as ube (purple yam), camote (sweet potato) and cassava: Cheesy Ube Balulu, Ube Jam Sweet Patate Donuts, Cassava Ube Pandan Mochi, Camote Bibingkinita, Sweet potato macaroons with mango jam, Bitso-bitso with Muscovado camote jam, Tableya Camote Churros and black rice with Turon Camote Violet cheese.

Squash has also been experimented with making Squash Empanada with Monggo and Cheese Filling, Squash Tart and Puto Tapol Kalabasa with Latik.

Other creative dishes include Ibos Bukayo, Lupe with Bukayo in Coconut Jam Buchi, Lupe with Bukayo in Hagikhik Leaves, Sinakol Sushi, Piking Tableya Mani, Breadfruit Moringa Cupcake, Mongo Tableya Cookies, Balisungsung Tuba with Langka Jam, Coconut Jam Buchi, and Nipa. Palm fruit jam.

Former Malacañang executive chef Babes Austria helped students develop and package products through Zoom meetings. –

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