Former idol of Buddha Panchaloha seized, 11 people arrested in Suryapet | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: A former idol of Panchaloha Buddha was seized and 11 people involved in its sale were arrested near the bus stop in Suryapet on Monday.
The idol weighing 26.3 kg as well as an ATM, a car and 11 cell phones were seized from the possession of the accused by the police of the CCS as well as the cops of the town of Suryapet on the basis of ‘precise information. The man who was in possession of the idol had made a deal to sell it for Rs 30 lakh, while buyers across the board sought to resell it for anywhere between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore, a the police said.
“We informed state government archeology experts of the seized idol. Once they have examined the idol and given a report regarding its ancient value, we will provide the same in court, ”said Suryapet SP S Rajendra Prasad.
The accused arrested are M Venu Gopal (42), businessman; K Venkata Naga Narsimha Rao (48), businessman; R Purushotham (37), businessman; Ch Naveen Babu, driver; Ch Bhanu Prakash (36), private worker; Md Younus (52 years old), TV mechanic; K Chennaiah (68), retired; K Laxmi Narayana, driver; U Sravan Kumar (23), driver; Sk Nagul Meera (49), driver; and N Srikanth (29), a laborer from Andhra Pradesh.
The main defendant, Mr. Venu Gopal, who is a businessman from Nandigama town in Krishna district, bought the idol of Panchaloha Buddha five years ago from an unknown man in the Piduguralla area of ​​the district of Krishna. Guntur for Rs 5 lakh.
“Venu Gopal bought him believing that his presence in the house will bring him prosperity. However, when financially his condition did not improve, he decided to sell it to Narsimha Rao for Rs 30 lakh, ”the SP said.
Narsimha Rao and his associates made a deal with Md Younus to sell the same for Rs 1 crore and Younus in turn was in talks with Chennaiah and others to sell the idol for Rs 2 crore.
“All the defendants wanted to meet in a neutral place to finalize the agreements. They agreed to meet at Suryapet and we arrested them while they were discussing the method of payment, ”the SP said.

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