Chicago Antiques Fair Returns to Merchandise Mart This Fall

“Before my company took over the show, there were two shows: one in the spring and one in the fall, and exhibitors told me about how they thought that fall date was the best date. strong,” said Rosemary Krieger, president of Dolphin Promotions. Krieger said bringing the show back in the fall allows for a more dramatic return.

The 2022 Chicago Show is partnered with the Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which will direct show funds to many different areas, including mental health. The board hosted a kick-off party to announce its special plans for the fall show in May and will host an opening party before the event officially opens. Krieger said she always tries to support a charity for every show, partnering with various organizations for art shows in different cities.

This year’s exhibition will focus on the 20th century from the United States, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Krieger said she wanted to “broaden the horizon of the show”, offering designs from the 17th to the 20th century as well as introducing 21st century designs.

“Twenty years ago, antique shows were the highest spectrum; the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries were what everyone collected. But moving forward, as we started to move forward in time, the introduction of the 20th century vintage was amazing. It was so well received,” Krieger said.

Krieger remarked on how important the 20th century theme was to collectors after a successful show in Palm Springs that benefited Modernism Week: “Modernism Week is a big 10-day event and, based on its success, 20th century collectors are much younger. demographic.”

The exhibition will feature familiar dealers such as Chicago’s Richard Norton Gallery and New York’s Nally Jewels, and welcome new dealers such as Arica Hilton from Chicago and The Art of Time Gallery from Pembroke Pines, Florida and Versailles.

“Not only are they collectors, now we have interior designers, we have home builders, we have architects, which literally opens the door to a much wider audience of collectors, who ultimately , will hopefully support the dealers,” Krieger said of the show’s expansion.

The Chicago Show: Antiques + Art + Modern will feature 65-75 dealers, tickets for the three-day event are on sale here.

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