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Caroline Hawley can be seen in new episodes of Bargain Hunt currently airing on BBC One. Fan-favorite antiques exhibit has always had a quirky selection of presenters, with Caroline Hawley proving to be a longtime star. has full details on the Antiques Expert.

How old is Caroline Hawley of Bargain Hunt?

Caroline Hawley is one of Bargain Hunt’s longest-serving presenters, appearing regularly on the program to offer her expertise.

She has extensive experience in the field of antiques, having worked in the industry for over three decades.

Caroline is 55 years old and has appeared on numerous BBC programs over the years.

Aside from Bargain Hunt, she could be seen in Flog it! and put your money where your mouth is.

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Caroline is a self-taught expert in her field, creating her first boutique in 1983 – Penny Farthing Antiques.

Speaking to the BBC, Hawley revealed what inspired her to work with antiques, to begin with.

Hawley explained, “I didn’t really feel like I chose a career in antiques, it just seemed to happen naturally.

“I enjoy all aspects of my professional life and after all these years I’m still learning new things every day.

Is Caroline Hawley married?

Yes, Hawley is married to former footballer John Hawley, the couple having married in 2008.

The couple run Hawleys Auctioneers, an antique store in North Cave and Beverley in East Yorkshire, Caroline often featuring it on Instagram.

Prior to establishing the family business, John played for Hull City, Scunthorpe United, Bradford City and Arsenal.

John is also a hero, having participated in the rescue efforts during the Bradford City Stadium fire in 1985.

He was credited with saving the life of a supporter whom he removed from the fire to bring him to safety.

Caroline has two children, James and Charles, although they are from a previous marriage.

Fans can expect a lot more from Caroline on Bargain Hunt in the next few episodes, as she has established herself as one of the main experts on the show.

After joining her in 2013, Caroline shows no signs of slowing down in the ancient world.

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays on BBC One at 12:15 p.m. ET.

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