9 Disney Animated Characters Who Were Husbands

As one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, disney has become home to some of animation‘s most magical characters. disney is the leader in bringing fairy tales to life and a long list of desirable characters with them. Princes, warriors, and pickpockets have all made their way into the hearts of fans.

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Let’s be honest, you watched a disney movie and had a bit of a crush on some of the characters. After all, the imagination is the best place to project grand fantasies of true love. From the cheekiest thieves and beautifully animated men to the Pumpkin King himself, there are more than enough fairy tale princes for everyone.

Flynn Rider – ‘Tangled Up’

Eugene Fitzherbert (Zacharie Levi), aka Flynn Rider, is by Disney ultimate sarcastic and rebellious trickster of hearts. He was modeled after mischievous fictional characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones and was created to be the swashbuckling hero of the story, with his rugged good looks.

Flynn is the perfect husband with his wit, charisma and unwavering selflessness. While he may be a thief, his relentless desire to save Rapunzel (mandy moore) of her mother and herself is commendable. He shows Rapunzel the world and opens her eyes to things and places she’d never seen before, always with heartwarming enthusiasm. Flynn is also the one who tells Rapunzel that her dreams are really worth it and that there will always be more to achieve.


Captain Phoebus – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

The hardworking, down-to-earth Captain of the King’s Guard knows the way to a person’s heart: pursuing justice for the downtrodden and outcasts. Captain Phoebus (Kevin Kline) seems a bit pompous at the beginning of The Hunchback of Notre Damebut her true colors are shown in the presence of Esmeralda (Half Moore), the woman who shows him that there are far more important things in life than answering to a king.

Phoebus is a man of his word and is always the reliable partner to put his life on the line for what he believes in. He treats everyone with kindness and respect, especially Quasimodo (Tom Hulce), with whom he finds a friend. He is one of the bravest disney males – facing off against a tyrant and his city. And don’t forget: his sarcastic bravado would make any joke awfully funny.

Li Shang – ‘Mulan’

by Li Shang (BD Wong) Aspirations to succeed his father as leader of China’s greatest troops can sometimes hamper romance, but the weight of China’s security in his hands also makes him one of the most emotionally strong male characters in Disney.

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This burden he carries, however, creates conflicts with his views on masculinity. But at the end of Mulanehe finds himself in a more open mindset, even while watching Mulan (Ming Na Wen) as strong as him. His openness to learning would make him an ideal partner to have long, deep conversations under beautiful cherry blossoms.

Hercules – ‘Hercules’

All Hercules (Tate Donovan) wants in life is to go the distance. And he does a very good job in by Disney Greek mythological film. He finds his way through a world not made for him, honing his strength to save normal citizens and wooing Megara (Susan Egan) In the process.

All that fame and attention goes to his head a bit, but it’s shown that love is really the only thing he feels is worth fighting for. Not to mention he’s a Greek god, which means he’s pretty much immortal and has one of Disney’s greatest songs dedicated to him with “Zero to Hero.”

Jack Skellington – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

As one of the scariest horror characters in disneyMr. Skellington (Chris Sarandon) might not seem like an obvious choice for the perfect husband. With his lanky, skeletal body, pinstripe suit, and a skull for a head, he doesn’t quite strike as someone you’d want to be seen in wedding photos with.

Jack is also selfish and sometimes thoughtless, especially when it comes to Sally (Catherine O’Hara). But it’s his willingness to correct his own mistakes and learn from them that makes him someone to think twice about. He is also incredibly charismatic, seeing how he influences every person in Halloween Town and later confesses to Sally that they were meant to be together.

Milo Thatch – “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”

Snowy (Michael J. Fox) is a man of many talents. He is not only an expert cartographer and linguist, but he leads his entire expedition to Atlantis in a submersible ship. He’s incredibly smart and viciously determined, two traits that would make him a great husband.

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He is a lover of exploration and would take you around the world and back just for the chance to discover something new to learn, study and show you. Although he won’t be home for extended periods of time, seeing the world seems like a fair enough trade-off.

Prince Eric – “The Little Mermaid”

Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) is the young and dashing prince of the seaside kingdom of The little Mermaid. We first see him sailing passionately on a boat and having fun. He quickly transforms into the brave and strong man who saves his crew and his dog as the ship is struck by lightning and begins to sink.

Eric is clearly a man of refined taste. He falls in love with the girl with the amazing singing voice and is very much in tune with her intuition. He still knows Ariel is the girl he’s been looking for, even when she loses her voice. He is also a hopeless romantic and likes to daydream and impress the girl he has a crush on. Despite being a prince who can have whoever he wants, he is the epitome of the shy man looking for his soul mate.

Roger Radcliffe – ‘101 Dalmations’

First, Roger Radcliffe (Ben Wright) is a dog lover. It makes him a keeper. He cares deeply for his family, especially his pets. He stands up to evil Cruella De Vil (Betty Lou Gerson) in the name of animal cruelty, and that’s a desirable trait.

Before meeting the beautiful Anita, Roger lives in a beautiful bachelor apartment with his Dalmatian, Pongo, as a songwriter. If he is quite addicted to his work, Roger is also exceptionally creative. He finds inspiration easily and would be able to write and dedicate songs to you in no time.

Aladdin – ‘Aladdin’

Aladdin (Scott Weinger) is the thief that dreams are made of. He’s handsome, smart, and quick on his feet, the perfect combination for a partner in crime. He also didn’t grow up with wealth, which made him appreciate the little things in life.

Aladdin also takes the top spot as a male character with some of the coolest possessions to share with you. He has a genie as his best friend and a magic carpet that can take you anywhere you want to go, for free. He also has an incredibly practical and lovable sidekick named Abu, who is just as kleptomaniac as he is. Who doesn’t want a pet monkey that can get away with anything?

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