Credit during parental leave

Did you underestimate the need for money due to family growth? A loan during parental leave should bridge the low income period?

Finding a loan with parental benefit is not a challenge for all couples. We support your loan request with information and offers. Find out more about the background and how you can get the credit you need despite the difficulties.

Credit during parental leave – backgrounds

Credit during parental leave - backgrounds

When it comes to credit during parental leave, social differences are more evident than in all other life situations. For many young families, finding a loan turns into a gauntlet run. For the target group of parental allowance, credit with replacement income is no different than before the desire to have children was fulfilled. People for whom the child-raising allowance became the parental allowance work in top positions.

The target group for whom parental allowance was explicitly created were academics. An incentive should be created for well-off couples. Elites should briefly interrupt their careers without a large loss of income in order to fulfill their desire to have children. After a year, the governess takes over the upbringing of the child. Mom and Dad can once again devote themselves to their full-time careers.

The respective ministers were role models. One married to a state secretary and the other to a professor. With both spouses – a full professor as well as with the State Secretary – a monthly income above 10,000 USD can be assumed. Securing a 2,000 USD loan for initial equipment – including job guarantee through protection against dismissal – should not be difficult. Father State likes to exchange the company car for a station wagon. A car loan during parental leave is therefore superfluous.


It is not a question of envy. Loans during parental leave are also possible for “normal mortals”. It is only important to recognize why people on low and middle incomes suddenly run into problems.

Credit despite parental allowance – credit rating

Credit despite parental allowance - credit rating

Regular credit with a clean Schufa is granted if the income is sufficiently attachable and the job is secure. Only loans from work subject to social security contributions are assessed for lending. Parental allowance and child benefit are non-attachable as social benefits. They could contribute to solvency, but they cannot secure a loan.

Only the working partner can prove the required income during parental leave. It depends on his income alone whether an uncomplicated loan is granted during parental leave or not.

Target group:

If both partners have a high income as a starting position, no seizure allowances become a problem, despite the loss of work income and child. The attachment of the parental allowance is irrelevant to the credit assessment. The same applies to additional risk factors.

A decisive factor for the credit security of long-term installment loans would be that both work full-time again after parental leave. The ministers prove that this applies to the target group.

Average earners:

“Normally earning” women often return to work late. You don’t have a nanny. It does not pay off for the household budget if both partners work full-time again after parental leave. There are high costs for trips to the day care center and for times when state childcare is not possible. In many cases, a second vehicle would also have to wait in front of the door.

It would be difficult for lower and middle income groups to earn the necessary money to compensate for the additional costs. Without the flexibility for shift work and weekend shifts, well-paid but simple jobs are in short supply. To have 100 USD more at the end of the month, minus the additional costs, is not worth the effort. With regard to a loan granted during parental leave, the repayment is permanently dependent on income.

Possible solutions – bank loan despite parental leave

Possible solutions - bank loan despite parental leave

The parental allowance leads to secure income, albeit for a limited time. A temporary loan security could be derived benevolently. This would make the installment loan of a bank with a short term possible. For the initial equipment or similar small investments, compatible rates and a term before the end of the parental allowance can be combined.

Another alternative for a bank’s long-term loan would be secured by additional collateral. A classic example of this is the loan application with a solvent guarantor or co-applicant. In this case, the liability risk for potential repayment problems with and after the parental allowance would affect the joint partner. From the perspective of the credit institution, the loan during parental leave would be secure.

If the loan is only a few USD quick, a mini loan would be interesting. Vexcash, for example, provides quick small loans. They are designed as a supplement to the dispo limit. The necessary liquidity is provided to safely reach the next payday. Between 100 USD and 500 USD credit despite poor creditworthiness would be possible. The initial application period is 30 days.

Loan during parental leave – private lenders

Loan during parental leave - private lenders

Interested borrowers encounter more moderate requirements for granting an installment loan from private lenders. Investors, mostly small savers, do not rate their loan approval based on purely business indicators. In contrast to a bank’s credit, human decision-making factors play an important role.

Lenders would be able to be contacted seriously with credit despite parental allowance via Astro Finance or Cream bank. Both portals have a good reputation for serious loan brokerage. With a well-formulated loan application, a comprehensible repayment concept, credit remains privately possible during parental leave, even if banks refuse.